BREMEN TRAC -New post-doc program

Dear Partners,

As one of the winners of the German Excellence Initiative, the University of Bremen is among the top league of German universities in the area of research.


We would like to draw your attention to our new fellowship program BREMEN TRAC (International postdoctoral researchers). The program is financed by the University of Bremen and the 7th framework program Marie Curie actions (COFUND).

BREMEN TRAC exclusively addresses foreign researchers coming to Bremen (incoming mobility). BREMEN TRAC offers two-year fellowships to excellent post-docs at an early stage in their career. The program is open to all fields of research represented at the University of Bremen. Positions are awarded competitively and come with an own research budget.


Within the frame of the project there will be 3 calls for applications in the years 2013 to 2015 with six Post-doc positions yearly.

Deadline for the first BREMEN TRAC call is the  1st  April 2013.


We would like you to assist us in seeking suitable candidates for our BREMEN TRAC program and to forward the attached flyer to all potential addressees.


For further details please contact

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