General Information

International Academic Relations Committee was founded in 1989 according to the 2547 numbered Law of Higher Education with the aim of organizing, improving and facilitating international academic activities.

Among the duties of the Committee are to prepare bilateral protocols between foreign Universities and academic institutions and to carry out these bilateral protocols and Erasmus and other EU program activities.

İstanbul University participated in the Erasmus Program in the academic year of 2003/04 with a pilot project and has been carrying out academic staff and student exchange at undergraduate and graduate level since 2004/05 Academic Year with the numbered 221793-IC-1-2003 -1 – TR- ERASMUS-EUC- 1 Erasmus Charter obtained in April 2004 for 2004/05 and 2006/07 Academic Years.

İstanbul University , has also gained the opportunity to participate in student placement activity for the Third Erasmus Period between 2007 and 2013 within the framework of Erasmus Extended University Charter obtained in August 2007 besides the other exchange programs which has been carried out since 2004.