International Academic Relations Committee Instruction

(The instruction was accepted by consensus in the 58 issued and 19.10.2000 dated session of Istanbul University Senate)


Article 1 : Aim and Content
This instruction includes, according to 2547 issued High Education law, the principals of establishment and functioning of International Academic Relations Committee (from now on Committee) which was established serving under the Rectorate in order to help arrange, improve and realize the international academic relations of Istanbul University .

Article 2 : The Constitution of the Committee
Committee consists of a president assigned by Rector and sufficient academics .
The followings are considered for the Committee membership: Experience in the field of international academic relations, being able to speak different foreign languages, being a member of various disciplines and the proposition of Committee president.

Article 3: Assignment of President and Members
President is assigned by Rector. The assignment period ends with the Rector’s assignment period. The same member can be reassigned by the Rector.
In case of need for the accompaniment, the former committee member works with the committee members to help share his/her experience belonging to the period that s/he was in charge of in request of the Rector.

Article 4. The working Order of Committee
•  President: represents the Committee, determines the agenda , describes the commission duty, carries out the agreed decisions.
•  Members: The committee assembles with the mere majority. The number of sufficient decision is the mere majority of the attendant members. The decisions are taken with open vote system and noncommittal votes are not allowed. In case of equal voting, the president makes the decision.
•  Secretariat: It consists of administrative personnel carrying out official works, and setting the correspondence and filing documents of the committee.

Article 5: The Mission of the Committee
•  To prepare international agreements between foreign universities and academic institutions, to evaluate and improve the current agreements by observing the processes,
•  To cooperate with the other universities and scientific corporations in order to take an active role in collective enterprises in the international field,
•  To produce, propose and develop policies intended for effective cooperation with other international academic institutions to realize national and institutional aims,
•  To evaluate the performance of foreign teaching staff and to determine the payment criteria; to guide them to adapt themselves to the university and Turkiye,
•  To provide consultation and professionals with the authorized institutions in case the visiting students ask for help,
•  To make counselling for the Faculties, Vocational Schools , and Institutions about international academic relations,
•  To enable the international respectability and publicity, to increase the academic relations, to have a much more effective representation of Istanbul University in international academic and scientific organisations, to fulfil the tasks given by Rector in order to arrange the activities such as congress, conference, colloquium, symposium, seminar, panel, discussion , exhibition; and to realize the relations similar to these ones.
•  To carry out every kind of research, study and evaluation in the extention of international academic relations as well as the other tasks given by the Rector.

Committee prepares a report including the activities of a particular year and presents it to the Rector.

Article 6: Committee Archieve
The Committee demands every kind of document and report related to international relations of the Faculty, Vocational school , Institution so as to evaluate and create an archieve.

Article 7: Revision
The proposals of revision related to this instruction concerning the establishment and principles of work are only carried out by the decision of the two thirds of the total number of members.

Article 8: Execution
This instruction is put into execution by Istanbul University Senate and is executed by the Rector.