Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement

What is Diploma Supplement?

Diploma supplement is an attachment to diploma which is given in order to improve international transperancy and with another aim of assisting individual’s gained diploma , certificate and degrees to be recognised in terms of academicly and vocationally. It has been given via original diploma with the purpose of defining educational statue , stracture , level , context of regarding individuals. It bears no value judgements, equivalence statements or suggestions about recognition. It ıs not only a document thats flexible , imposing no rules for both sides but also designed to conserve Money , timne and labour . It was developed to be adjustable to local requirements. Diploma supplement is arranged by international institutions under the framework of template that has been prepared by UNESCO , Europena Comission and Europen Council. This template ,that was devepoled , tested by the board which is organized by these three institution , is trasnlated to all languages of European Union
Diploma Supplement consists of eight parts 

1. ID of an individual who has gained to right to achieve it
2. The qualification which is why individual has nominated to achieve it
3. The level of the qualification that lead diploma supplement to be handed to individuals
4. information on the contents and results gained
 5. information on the function of the qualification
6. additional information
7. offical certification of the Supplement
8. information on the national higher education system

Each eight sections must be filled and related informations must be provided. If not , explanaton is needed for regarding matter. The institutions have to follow same confirmation and legitimization procedure as in diploma. A description of the national higher education system within which the individual has been part of has to be attached to the DS. This description can be provided by the National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARICs) and is available on the website: www.enic-naric.net

What it is not ?

1. It is not a CV    
2. It cannot be used as a substitute of transciript and diploma
3. It is not a document on its own which guarantees academic and vocational recognition.

What do the students gain from Diploma Supplement ?
1. A diploma that is more readable and comparable abroad.
2.A precise description of student’s academic career and the competencies acquired while
 Studying period.
3. Objective and equitable assesment of their achievements and competencies
4. An easier access to opportunities of work or further studies abroad

What does the Diploma Supplement offer to higher education institutions?
1.It improves academic and professional recognition therefore increasing the transparency of qualifications.
2.It protects national/institutional autonomy while offering a common frame which is accepted all over Europe.
3.It promotes informed judgements about qualifications that can be understood in another educational context.
4. It positively efffects the reputation of the institution abroad.
5. It increases the employability of institue’s graduates at national and international level.
6. It helps saving time since it provides the answers to a lot of recurrent questions put to administrative services in institutions about the content and portability of diplomas.

Why is the Diploma Supplement needed?
New qualifications proliferate worldwide and countries are constantly changing their qualificationsystems and educational structures under the impact of constant economic, political and technological change. An increasing number of mobile citizens are demanding the fair recognition of their qualifications. The non-recognition and poor-evaluation of qualifications has become a global issue . Since original diploma and other documents do not provide sufficient information on their own , it is quite rough to get diploma’s level and function accepted without detailed additional explanation.
The Diploma Supplement is created as a response to these challenges :
1. It provides transparency in higher education.
2. It makes educational documents such as diploma to be swiftly taken into consideration.
3. It aids mobility and makes lifelong learning accesiable
4. It promotes fair , thrustworthy and competent information about possesed diploma and qualifications.

You can find further information on Diploma supplement in the link below :
Diploma supplement is automaticlly provided ( Free of Charge ) by Istanbul Universty to its students during their graduation in commonly used European Language ( English ).

Examples of Istanbul University Diploma Supplement :